Friday, October 17, 2014

My neighbor Sandor Katz, who is an author of several books on the fascinating subject of cultural revival, hired me to make a back-splash in his new teaching kitchen. In a 150-year-old log cabin on the north side of Short Mountain, he is growing a new home for the Foundation for Fermentation Fervor. Sandor is drawing from the neighborhood stable of creative talent, and rocking out this off-the-grid, solar fueled, spring watered temple to biodiversity. I am grateful to be included in the project.

Sandy is creating a space where the biological cultures and traditions of food preservation from all over the world are cultivated, proliferated, shared, imbibed and celebrated. Here are some photos documenting my little piece of the process.

Sandy's website;

glazing day, with sample tiles in the foreground~

Load the kiln~

fire it up~

some more tiles, drying under weights~

before pictures of the space~

good lookin boss~

yay! Thanks for all your help on the install, Leopard Zeppard. The pears and rutabegas and parsnips were delicious.

Foundation for Fermentation Fervor